Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My vow for 2012

If I had an "audience" who read this blog, I'd probably be more likely to actually blog.  However, journaling is supposedly cathartic, and should be for the unloading of emotional burdens and not to humor vast numbers of "followers" so I vow this:  I will put something up on this here little slice of the interweb on a weekly basis if not more often.  More likely than not I'll be slamming my ex, or telling you something disgusting the kid or the dogs did, and you'll think to yourself, "self, based on her life (or lack thereof) yours really isn't all that sucktastic."  And that will be my gift to you, my non-existent readership.  You are welcome.

So if there is anyone who stumbles across this here little blog o'mine, riddle me this:  boy you were in LOVE with in junior high finds you on FB, tells you his marriage is over, and wonders if we could you know, "rekindle" what we had (you know, hand holding with sweaty palms under the bleachers at football games) you do it, or not? Remember you are single and haven't had sex in a year--I think that's a relevant fact to be don't want your lady-bits drying up and blowing away, do you?

Happy New Year!


  1. Lady bits...drying up...HAAAHAHAHA! And I'm loving your blog! :)

  2. LOL, Trina, wish I were kidding--I bet my doc finds cobwebs at my next visit :-) Thanks for the kind words. I am all giddy that a blogger I follow and read daily likes my ramblings! Yay!